Atomic LED Angel (Motion Activated)
Atomic LED Angel (Motion Activated)
Atomic LED Angel (Motion Activated)
Atomic LED Angel (Motion Activated)

Atomic LED Angel (Motion Activated)

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Are there places around your home where you wish you had a light but you don't?You NEED Atomic LED Angel™, the new motion activated cordless LED light that sticks up anywhere lighting up the path for you, your family and your friends. It is crafted to illuminate vibrant light both inside and outside your home. The light can swivel 360-degrees and tilts back and forth so you get the perfect amount of light exactly where you want it. You’re able to adjust light where you need it. Atomic LED Angel's technologically advanced motion detector activates automatically whenever a person, pet, or vehicle crosses its path. Its motion sensor light shines at an incredible 450 lumens.
Atomic LED Angel has an auto turn-off after 30-seconds. It’s perfect for lighting up your back yard, pool, attic, or anywhere you can think of! Use Atomic LED Angel™ wherever you need its luminous support. The dazzling COB LED panel has a lifetime of over 100,000 hours. It has a superb adhesive grip that sticks to virtually anything and installation is a cinch - incredibly easy!
BUILT IN MOTION DETECTOR - Activates instantly when motion is detected and shuts off in 30 seconds once no motion is detected.
360-DEGREES - The light swivels back and forth 360-degrees which means wherever you install it you can adjust for perfect lighting.
450 LUMENS - The Atomic LED Angel™ puts out an astonishing 450 lumens which gives maximum lighting for full visibility.
30 SECOND TIMER - Built in 30 second timer automatically shuts the light off when no motion is detected.
COB LED PANEL - Will give you perfect lighting for up to 100,000 hours.
EASY INSTALLATION - Peel and stick install takes seconds.
BATTERY POWERED - No need for hard wiring which means you can place it anywhere you want.
WATERPROOF - Place it in any spot you desire without having to worry about rain or bad weather. The Atomic LED Angel™ will handle it!